Data Recovery and Reloading

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Data Recovery and Reloading

Your data, recorded on discs installed on sensitive hardware and software, is becoming more important for you every passing day. This disc content is formed by your personal data, documents for your company,

accounting data, and a special software database. This data may be very important critical data formed in long years.

Why cannot I access my data?

Some events like unintentionally deleting, damaging of the system files by some programs, formatting, dusting, electronic failures, virus, sabotage, fire, water, physically hard contacts may prevent you from accessing your data. When you are faced with such a problem, the most important factor which you must take into consideration is that your data will become more inaccessible if you make hardware or software interventions to your disc. Since, due to the technology of discs, it is very probable that the discs save new data over your prior data.

Another case where data recovery process is needed is that the harmful software, which you download from internet or you download unintentionally by clicking your e-mail attachment, encrypts your files and makes your files useless. Lately, messages have become frequent which are pretended to have attached credit card receipt or TTNET bill, and which encrypt your files when you click on them, and which says that you can access your data against remuneration.

What are their indications?

The indications are as follows: Your file cannot be opened or you can receive a warning saying that your file may be damaged, saying that “your data is encrypted”, your system freezes while you are trying to open a file, the folder contents are deteriorated, you hear different sounds from your disc, your computer does not recognize the hard disc, errors occur during access and copying. If there is a problem with your server system; the users wait for a longer time for logging into their accounts. On the other hand, the reason of the above mentioned indications may also be different. Therefore, first of all, shut down your system, and contact us through our communication channels in order for our personnel, having technical knowledge, to provide intervention.

We desire to share our solution suggestions of installation of professional backing up and data safety system, in order for you not to face the same disastrous problem.


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