Failover Management Systems

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Failover Management Systems

You have made thousands of dollars of investment for your data processing infrastructure and you backup your data. In case the system is subject to a sudden failover, when can you start operation again? Even if it takes 1 hour, this means a serious amount of financial loss; this means that our service will be very advantageous for you.

The data loss occurring in Twin Towers, which collapsed in the attack in year 2001 and which have pluralities of global companies, has certainly shown that failover management systems are very important in the information sector, and this provides these technologies to advance in a very rapid manner. How does the Failover Management Strategy operate?

The basic point of the strategy is that all data systems are kept in two different data management centers in geographically different locations. Thus, even if the systems existing in a location where events like earthquake, flood, fire or terror take place are damaged, the other center is activated in minutes and continues operation without any data loss.

Most companies do not forget to form a backup of the data, but the most neglected item is that the backed up data is kept in the same system room. To form backup data center in different geographical regions may be very costly, however, it is very important to keep the backed up data in a safe medium outside of the company center.

Information Technology companies act in accordance with a planning method named ‘Business Continuity Planning’. In this system, the basic aim is to re-commission the whole

system in the most rapid manner. Importance grading is realized, and the processes are commissioned within the frame of a plan. Within this scope, the data of “Bida MVM” data center is very rapidly replicated in Istanbul and Izmir locations.


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