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CRM Cloud

In the new world order where there are hundreds of competitors in every sector, “customer” concept has become much more important. In the 1980s, customer had the notion that “I will buy the good I find”, and in the 1990s, customer had the notion that “I will make a choice among the goods I find”, and in the 2000s, “I will buy the good I desire”. Customer desires to be known, recognized, respected, remembered and moreover, customer desires to have a voice. Customer desires to feel that he/she is at the focus. Maybe you gained the customer as a result of great efforts, and maybe the customer found you. Every customer, who is not given importance and who is not monitored, leads to a negative point in your year-end balance sheet. While you are thinking the reason of the negative point, somebody, who is aware of the reason, recommends you to use CRM. You understand that CRM is very important and indispensable for your company.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides the companies to be in continuous communication with the customer, to receive feedback, to increase work load, to reduce costs and to work in a more efficient manner. Thanks to this, maximum efficiency is provided by the personnel and the customer satisfaction, which is very important, is going to increase.

The basic characteristic of CRM software is receiving, managing and finalizing all processes, demanded by the customers, in an efficient manner. Since all of the processes can be monitored, scaled and reported in a statistical and graphical manner, the management can make rapid decisions when required. By forming work flow rules, the location where the work cannot be resolved and where the work is delayed can be detected, and you do not have to monitor the work thanks to the automatic warning mechanism.

“What is CRM Cloud?”

CRM Cloud System is the service type provided by the Cloud computing system in Bida data center for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software which is one of the best among CRM software. In this service, you do not pay the license costs required for installation of the CRM system at once, you monthly lease depending on the number of users. The initial investment cost is eliminated, and you pay no additional cost for the new versions of the software which will be marketed in the future. You enjoy 7/24 connection to your CRM system, housed in the “Bida MVM” data center, through all places having internet connection.

“How does the Application Process proceed?”

In order to use the CRM system, first of all, you shall inform us about the number of users. It functions in an integrated manner with your present “Active Directory” server. After the system is activated, the software shall be specialized in accordance with your company, and you can utilize the advantages of the CRM system thanks to the adaptation service you receive for the processes like the required adjustments, definition of the work flows, and authorization, etc.


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