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Server Cloud

If you consider having a server in your company or you consider renewing your current server, we have an attractive suggestion for you; Server Cloud! Yes, your server is in cloud! Think of the advantages of transferring your whole structure to cloud; you get rid of the following processes: hardware provision, space assignment, energy, air-conditioning, updating, backup, and moreover you get rid of the failure risk.

In the world and in Turkey, the institutional companies and the institutionalizing companies transfer to cloud in a rapid manner. Why? Because the companies do not desire to deal with the above mentioned details, while they work with the principle of “becoming leader of the rival companies” in the competitive market of today.

Bida manages the process by projecting all your cloud transition processes with its experienced staff so that you do not experience the slightest problem. Moreover, there is no additional charge for this service.

While your server is in cloud, you only focus on your work.


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