Network Solutions

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Network Solutions

Under this service title, we provide the solutions produced for efficient and firm operation of the whole communication infrastructure in your company. What is this communication infrastructure? It can be basically defined as the internet usage by your computers, connection to the server system, and the communication of them with each other.


Network projects shall be addressed at the beginning of a data processing investment, and shall only be realized by professional companies having network specialty.


We provide the wired and wireless networks of your company to be designed, terminated and tested together with the devices and equipment to be used. Bida has adopted qualified workmanship and qualified product model in accordance with quality principles in order for you to not to face communication problems. We believe in the principle that a project, which is realized by using correct products in a qualified manner, always comes into prominence.


Depending on the size of the company, optical fiber systems are also preferred besides data cabling in network projects. You can find detailed information in the sub-titles.


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