Communication is life...

We believe that we shall give more importance to the communication between you and us, before the communication of your data infrastructure. Because; we know that we can provide the most efficient solution for your requests and expectations by means of a good communication. In order to render top level services to you in the rapidly developing informatics sector, we improve our skills and at the same time, we aim at realizing different business models. There is communication inside life, and you are at the focus point of our communication…

Bida Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S.

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About us

About Us…
Before describing the company structure, let us begin with the most frequently asked question; What is “Bida”? Let us shortly describe our sector, Bida is a brand born in 2009 as a result of 15 years of experience and formed by joining the first two letters of “Bilişim (Informatics)” and “Danışmanlık (Consultancy)” words, which is practical to pronounce and which is easy to understand and whose aim is to become a growing brand.

We prefer professional products and services to temporary solutions which save the day, and we continuously update ourselves aimed at providing most practical and best solutions to you with maximum efficiency. We have completed pluralities of projects like network, server, virtualization, backup, licensing, system safety in pluralities of businesses like offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, etc., and we continue to provide technical support/consultancy service afterwards.

In our data center “Bida MVM” which exists in our body, we provide “Private Cloud” solutions. We not only assign a domain name to you as in the classical manner, we also attend to all of the steps in passage to the cloud system in order to prevent any problem.

Under the title of Our Services, we have tried to give brief information. As you contact us about our services or about your informatics problems for which you request a solution, we hold a meeting where we can talk about all of the details. You are always welcome to our office, we can hold a meeting when you desire, or we can only have a talk while drinking our teas/coffees.

We wish that you will be one of our references who are our close friends beyond the customer concept…


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