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Mail Cloud

Mail Cloud is a professional e-mail service rendered to institutional companies and to institutionalizing companies. By making monthly payment for each e-mail account,

you can use the e-mail infrastructure, which is the same as the infrastructure of the greatest companies in the world, without any investment payment.

What are the advantages of Mail Cloud service? What is its difference?

♦Complete synchronization with all devices is provided. All e-mails in your account you use in desktop, laptop computer, tablet and smart phone are processed in a single center. You can access all folders and contents formed in your mailbox, and you can realize processes through any device.

♦You pay only as much as you use. You do not enter into any commitment. In the monthly payment system, you only pay the cost for the e-mail accounts which you desire to use in a month.

♦Thanks to Microsoft OWA; the Outlook screen, with which you are familiar, can be viewed from any computer having internet connection.

♦Thanks to the improved SPAM filter, the unnecessary e-mails are instantly prevented without falling to your mailbox, and you do not consume time.

♦All of the e-mails sent to and received from all e-mail addresses are recorded in order to be used in judicial conflicts.

♦All e-mails are daily backed up. Even if you permanently delete an e-mail, it is possible to reach it again.

Mail Cloud service is provided by means of “Microsoft Hosted Exchange” in the ‘Bida MVM’ data center.


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