Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization

Most of the physical servers utilize their sources at less than 15% of their capacity. Besides the costs occurring due to high power need, air-conditioning, depreciation, etc. of separate physical servers, the intervention durations are longer in case of failure. By means of virtualization, the capacity utilization proportion increases to approximately 80%, and approximately 50% saving can be provided in operational costs. Virtualization provides maximum efficiency for your infrastructure.

If you keep all of your applications in a single server thanks to virtualization, you eliminate the need to buy a new server and additional hardware, and at the same time, virtualization provides easily manageability, very simple backing up, and more efficient usability of the network connections in the virtual platform when compared to physical connections. All your programs, which operate in physical server, can also operate in a firm manner in the virtual server. Moreover, the replication in between can be realized approximately 10 times faster.


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