Optical Fiber Systems

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Optical Fiber Systems

Optical fiber cables, providing data communication with high speed and in long distances and having low investment cost, are systems which are usually preferred in the recent times for integration to the central system.

Since there is no problem about distance in fiber cables, you can comfortably provide communication to the farthest devices which is advantageous particularly in companies installed in a wide area or positioned in high-rise buildings. The reason for using fiber cables instead of metal cables is that fiber cables lead to lower loss, and they are not adversely affected by electromagnetic interaction.

It is a very complex process to add optical fiber cables to each other, it is more complex than adding category data cables. The most efficient method for adding single-mode and multimode fibers used in telecommunication and local network infrastructures is the fusion addition method. Therefore, optical fiber adding device is needed. These devices, of which the use is substantially facilitated, align fiber ends automatically, and realize welding at temperatures up to 2200 degrees.

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