Wired and Wireless Networks

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Wired and Wireless Networks

The networks in your workplace which provide data communication are very important like the veins in the human body. You are right to request an efficient infrastructure where firm and stable communication is provided. You only desire to focus on your work without thinking about the communication.

The building where infrastructure is to be installed or renewed shall be analyzed in a firm manner by means of engineering calculations by informatics companies having qualified workmanship, network specialty together with cables, equipment and devices.

We have tested and commissioned pluralities of factories, offices/workplaces, hotels, hospitals, smart house systems up to today.

The selection of the devices realizing wireless broadcast and which are to be used inside the building and outside the building and the points where to deploy are determined as a result of the analysis.

If you have companies or branches in different neighborhoods in the same city, you can connect them to each other with very high speeds by means of devices providing wireless data transfer through Point to Point technology.

In order to determine your demands and needs in a correct manner, we move according to the project plan prepared by you and us together. Please contact us through the communication channels regarding your questions or requests related to wired and wireless data transfer. You can have detailed information about network safety by clicking on the Network and System Safety page under the main page of Information Technology Consultancy.


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