License Leasing (SPLA)

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License Leasing (SPLA)

You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for using Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft software. We have an excellent suggestion for you; you do not buy the software, just lease license monthly, and do not pay any additional money for the new versions.

The answer of the following question: “What are the other advantages of this?”

♦There is no initial investment cost.

♦It works with pay-as-you-use principle without any commitment.

♦You always use the most updated versions of Microsoft products.

♦There is no price fluctuation. The prices are updated and fixed once a year in January.

♦It provides the subsidiary institutions to be collected under a single agreement.

♦The monthly bill amount can be directly recorded as expenses.

♦By means of SPLA, your offices abroad can also be licensed.

SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) is the licensing program which has been signed between Microsoft and Service Provider companies and which provides leasing of the Microsoft software. Bida is the Microsoft SPLA partner. For more detailed information, we can visit the web site:, and you can contact us through our communication channels.


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