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Cloud Computing Services

The most updated subject title in data processing sector: Cloud computing! What is cloud computing, what is it used for? It will take pages to describe cloud computing in a detailed manner; therefore we recommend that you utilize blog and forum pages. However, if we describe shortly, instead of installing and managing server and backup system by spending thousands of dollars in your company, it is possible to lease this service from companies like us providing Cloud computing infrastructure. No server and no backup device exist in your company; you can access the server from any location having internet connection, only by means of your computer through remote connection.


Bida has adopted “Private Cloud” system instead of classical cloud computing infrastructure provision. In this system, we realize all of the processes like transfer, virtualization such that you do not have to deal with said processes, and we do not permit even any small problem.


Therefore, all data is housed in “Bida MVM” data center provided in our body. For extraordinary cases, failover and backup system has been deployed in different cities.


Let us answer the following question: “What are the advantages of Cloud computing for us, why do we use it?”


* The physical and software checks of the devices installed in your company, monitoring the updates, and dealing with probable problems are serious and risky processes, and they may take a long time for the ones who realize the process in a correct manner,


* By using updated hardware and updated operating system, you pay no additional fee for the upgrade process.


* Due to the 7/24 operation principle, your electricity bill decreases.


* The air-conditioning system, which you operate for keeping the devices at room temperature for providing efficient operation, increases the costs.


* In case you use the Cloud computing system, there remains no need to assign a space like data processing room.


* You may have to pay much money to high configuration devices since you consider that said devices may be needed in the future. However, in Cloud computing, you only use the needed amount, and make payment accordingly. We can meet your capacity increasing demand in a few minutes.


* The cloud computing provides very great cost advantage up to 60-70% thanks to license leasing. And please contact us for detailed information about cloud computing system which has pluralities of advantages.


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