Virtualization Technologies

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Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization is an application, which is lately very popular, developed for producing solution to the increasing physical hardware requirements. In the most basic definition; “The installation of more than one operating system to the physically used hardware by using software technologies.” By means of the virtualization technology providing more effective advantages to you instead of having more than one server in your company and dealing with the cost of meeting the extra hardware requirements of these devices. Thanks to this; it is possible to make saving of 40% in hardware costs and to make saving of 70% in operational costs. Moreover, the transfer of a virtually installed server to another location is a simple process like copying a file in your computer. By transferring your applications, which shall function in separate physical servers but in an integrated manner, to virtual servers, you can increase the data transfer speed more than 10 times.


VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix are the most frequently known and used virtualization solutions.


Up to today, pluralities of virtualization projects have been successfully completed by Bida. It is sufficient to contact us for detailed information about the advantages obtained by means of transferring your physical servers and programs to virtualization platform.


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